The origins of Support Security Services were established throughout the United Kingdom during the early part of the 1970s. The Company that has evolved to be Support retains most of its original client base located throughout the UK. Support Security Services is led by a Senior Management team who have experienced that thirty plus years and can therefore provide that knowledge and expertise of the industry to the client. The growth of Support has continued throughout those years and continues now, thus the company serves a secured nationwide network of clients. To provide the level of service that Support expects, we have offices in St. Albans, Leeds, and Milton Keynes. 


The values and ethics of any company are their foundation upon which all else is built. They must be clearly understood and adhered to at all levels within the company. Support Security Services believes that they have set the highest moral, ethical, and legal standards to give confidence to their customers and employees. 
Support Security Services has a foundation of three key values - honesty, vigilance, and service. These values cannot be changed and are fundamental to the way we undertake our business. 


Within the security industry that we work it is essential that our customers have complete confidence in the honesty and integrity our Company and it's employees. The customer entrusts; their property; their assets; and their employees to our safekeeping. A single officer represents Support when the client leaves them responsible for their property at the beginning of the shift. Our employees are encouraged to communicate directly and honestly to the client at all times. 


Without vigilance, security can only report what has happened. A key skill which all of our officers receive specific training in is vigilance, the awareness of what is happening around them and the alertness to know what may happen around them. Vigilance is the key to taking pro-active action rather rather than reacting to what is occurring. 


What is service? We believe that it is not just providing a professional service as described by the contract between our clients and ourselves. We believe that service goes further; it is our employees taking on those extra tasks that help our client's day run smoother; it is the smile, the greeting, that our employee gives to client's staff as they arrive to start their day; or it could be the milk that is put into the refrigerator on a summers morning. We want our employees to be part of our client's team as well as ours. 


If you would like a quotation for any of the services that Support Security Services provides e-mail us and a member of our sales team will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements. 
Please use this online e-mail form for any other questions or comments you have: 
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